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Secureye USB Fingerprint Biometric System Time & Attendance S-B8


  • Speed of Identification, Verification and even data transfer: Fastest in the business
  • Easy & Simple to use
  • Highly accurate and reliable
  • Ideal for companies wants to give minimum time to their security and employee management needs; but still needs to have good security
  • and extract best performance from employees through access control
  • Small and medium factory-type environment or computer rooms can be perfect needs
  • No Keypad or Display makes it Small sized and focus on good looks with slight tinge of Corporate bling


  • USB 2.0 (Full Speed)
  • Optical sensor
  • 600 DPI
  • 300 x 300 pixels Picture Size
  • Red / Green Light Source
  • Lifetime-1,00,000 Hours
  • Unlimited Fingerprint Registration Capacity
Biometric Attendance
Authentication Angle NA
Authentication OSD NA
Certification NA
Communication Mode NA
Data Backup Support NA
Lock Control NA
Lock Relay Time NA
Power Backup NA
Reporting Format NA
Reporting Type NA
Source of Power NA
Speed Mode NA
Synchronization NA
Temperature Humidity NA
Interface Mode USB2.0 (full Speed)
Display NA
Sensor Optical sensor (OPT-16 Slave)
Finger Print Scanner NA
Fingerprint Registration Capacity Depend on Computer Storage Capacity
FAR & FRR 0.0001% & 0.01% max
Transaction record NA
User Record NA
Authentication Mode NA
Text Size 1404 Bytes
Instruction NA
Picture Size 300 x 300 pixels
Light Source Red / Green LED
Pattern Level 0~255 grey level
Picture Display 600 DPI
Lift Time 1,00,000 hours (Typical)
Operating System Window Xp, 7, Vista, Windows Server 2003/2007/2008 & Linux
Working Voltage Bus-powered / 5V
Working Current ≤ 200mA

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