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Ahuja Sound Solutions Special Purpose Speakers SP-6305TD

  • Ahuja introduces a bi-directional Projection Speaker model SP-6305TD housed in a strong plastic cabinet. The unique design provides high sound output in a wider area. Excellent reproduction of speech and music in various indoor as well as outdoor applications.
  • Compact and rugged construction with two speakers facing in opposite direction.
  • Creates uniform ambience of sound from a single sound source.
  • 100V line operation with power taps of 30W, 20W, 10W and 5W.
  • Easy power tap selection through different colour wires accessible from outside.
  • Weather resistant housing and speakers with water resistant cone.
  • ‘U’ type mounting bracket for easy and trouble free installation.
  • Ideal for use at railway platforms, factories, parking lots, school corridors, theme parks etc.
Special Purpose Speakers
SPL at 1kHz (1W/1m) 94dB
Input Power 30W RMS
Power Taps on 100V 30/20/10/5W
Impedance 330/500/1k/2k
Frequency Response: 120-15,000Hz
Dimensions Ø175×H256 mm

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