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Secureye SB 300 CB IP Based Fingerprint Biometric Attendance System cum Access Control


  • Free expensive human resources so that you can put them to more productive use
  • Saves money: people, paper, time
  • Measures people productivity accurately
  • Ensures staff discipline
  • Prevents buddy punching
  • Acts as an important input to payroll
  • Scales as your business grows
  • Interfaced with EM Locks to manage the access to your Office/Factory
  • Monitor & analyze absence to reduce impact on productivity
  • Is rugged and tough to withstand industrial use
  • Is user friendly and simple to install
  • Can be configured for custom reporting for compliance with local regulations
  • Improve Organizational efficiency and growth with employee performance
  • Accurate processing and reconciliation of time clock software data with ease
  • Highest Accuracy and good Operational speed: will never open the door for an unrecognized intruder
  • Provide the fastest and safest method of recording attendance and ensuring security


  • 32 Bit High Speed Microprocessor
  • 3" Color LCD Display
  • 3,000 User Capacity
  • 1,00,000 Transaction Storage Capacity
  • Optical Sensor with 600 dpi Resolution
  • Matching Speed of < 1sec
  • Online Data Transmission
  • Automatic Server Synchronization
  • Communication: TCP-IP & USB
  • Back Up: USB
  • Identification Modes: Fingerprint, Password & FP + P/W
  • Weigand 26/32 IN Supported
  • Exit Reader Connectivity
  • Push Button Connectivity
  • Audio Messages
Biometric Attendance
Authentication Angle 360°
Authentication OSD Person Name and ID display
Automatic Server Sync. Supported
Certification CE & FCC
Communication Mode TCP/IP/ & USB
Data Backup Support USB
Data Transmission Online and Offline
Lock Control On Board
Lock Relay Time Programmable
Power Backup NA
Reporting Format NA
Reporting Type NA
Source of Power DC 9V
Speed Mode IEEE 802.2, Ethernet TCP/IP
Synchronization Automatic Server to Device Synchronized
Temperature Humidity -10°C ~ 50°C lower then 90% RH
Weignd In Supported
Interface Mode NA
Display 3" Color LCD
Sensor NA
Finger Print Scanner High Resolution Optical (≥than 600dpi)
Fingerprint Registration Capacity NA
FAR & FRR 0.0001% & 0.01% max
Transaction record 1,00,000 impressions
User Record 3000
Authentication Mode Finger Print/Password
Text Size NA
Instruction Voice Guided
Picture Size NA
Light Source NA
Pattern Level NA
Picture Display NA
Lift Time NA
Operating System NA
Working Voltage NA
Working Current NA

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