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Secureye S-B250CB IP Based Fingerprint Biometric Attendance System cum Access Control


  • Free expensive human resources so that you can put them to more productive use
  • Saves money: people, paper, time
  • Measures people productivity accurately
  • Ensures staff discipline
  • Prevents buddy punching
  • Acts as an important input to payroll
  • Scales as your business grows
  • Interfaced with EM Locks to manage the access to your Office/Factory
  • Monitor & analyze absence to reduce impact on productivity
  • Is rugged and tough to withstand industrial use
  • Is user friendly and simple to install
  • Can be configured for custom reporting for compliance with local regulations
  • Improve Organizational efficiency and growth with employee performance
  • Accurate processing and reconciliation of time clock software data with ease
  • Highest Accuracy and good Operational speed: will never open the door for an unrecognized intruder
  • Provide the fastest and safest method of recording attendance and ensuring security


  • 32 Bit High Speed Microprocessor
  • 3" Color LCD Display
  • 3,000 User Capacity
  • 1,00,000 Transaction Storage Capacity
  • Optical Sensor with 600 dpi Resolution
  • Matching Speed of < 1sec
  • Online Data Transmission
  • Automatic Server Synchronization
  • Communication: TCP-IP & USB
  • Back Up: USB
  • Identification Modes: Fingerprint, Password & FP + P/W
  • Weigand 26/32 IN Supported
  • Exit Reader Connectivity
  • Push Button Connectivity
  • Audio Messages
Biometric Attendance
CPU 32 Bit High Speed Microprocessor
Audio Messages Supported
Automatic Server Sync. Supported
Communication Mode TCP-IP & USB
Data Backup Support USB
Matching Speed <1Sec
Weignd In In / Out Supported
Display 2.4″ Color LCD Display
Sensor Optical Sensor with 600 dpi Resolution
Transaction record 120,000
User Record 6000
Authentication Mode Fingerprint, Card & Password

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