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Ahuja Sound Solutions Piezo Tweeters APT-016

  • AHUJA introduces compact and powerful piezo tweeter, with extended high frequency response, low distortion and excellent power handling capacity. These are ideal for use with existing AHUJA range of 12” and 15” professional PA speakers.
  • Compact rectangular form.

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Piezo Tweeter
PT 4W System 300W
PT 8W System 150W
PT Frequency Response 3,000-20,000Hz
PT Impedance @ 1kHz >1,000
PT Max. Voltage 35V~
PT Mounting Cutout 98 × 55 mm
PT Mounting Depth 50 mm
PT Radiation Angle (V/H) 45°/90°
PT SPL (2.83V/1m) 91dB

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