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Ahuja Sound Solutions PA Driver Units AU-40XT

  • Weatherproof and rugged construction.
  • High SPL, crisp penetrating sound.
  • Voice coils precision-wound on an aluminium bobbin for efficient heat dissipation.
  • AU-40XT has a built-in 100V transformer with easily selectable power taps/impedance by changing the position of the rotary switch at the rear.
  • Driver unit meet European Union regulations and comply with low voltage directive standard EN 60065.
  • Degree of protection IP 66 provided, when mounted on a reflex horn, against foreign particles such as dust and jets of water thus making them ideal for outdoor use.
PA Driver Units
Input Power 40W Rms/60W Max.
Impedance/Power Taps On 100V Line 250/40W, 330/30W 500/20W, 1k/10W
Frequency Response 160-7,000Hz
SPL at 1kHz 112.5dB/1W/1m 128.5dB/40W/1m
Temperature Range -30°to + 70°C
Throat Coupling 1-3/8” - 18TPI, Throat Couple No.1
Material Die-cast Aluminium Acoustic Head (Flange)

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