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Ahuja Sound Solutions Dual Channel HEADPHONES Systems AHP-1800

  • AHUJA introduces AHP-1800, a studio quality professional stereo headphone designed for monitoring applications in studios, high end PA and by DJs. It is also ideally suited for very high fidelity music enjoyment. The headphone features open back circumaural design for exceptional sound quality.
  • Stylish earcups with perforated stainless steel grill provide open back circumaural design for exceptional sound quality.
  • Well padded adjustable headband for comfortable long duration listening.
  • The 6.3mm phone plug (and spare 3.5mm plug adaptor) allow the headphones to be used with almost any mixer, amplifier or computer.
  • 1.8m long extension cable is provided with suitable 6.3mm male and female connector.
Driver Neodymium Dynamic Element 53mm Dia
Frequency Range 15-25,000Hz
Impedance 60
Max. Power 500mW
Cable 2.2m integrated cable with 1.8m extension cable

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