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Ahuja Sound Solutions Dual Channel PA Horn Speakers Systems SUH-25XT

  • Ahuja high quality, weather proof horn speakers are compact, light weight, rugged and moulded in tough ABS plastic. 
  • The specifications and construction of these are similar to the low impedance horn speakers. These models have been provided with 100V line matching transformers with multiple taps/impedance easily selectable by changing the rotary switch at the rear of the sealed assembly.
  • These 100V models are ideal for installations where long speaker cables are used, to avoid power loss in the cables.
  • Rectangular models are particularly suitable for areas where directivity of sound is of importance.
  • They meet European Union regulations and comply with low voltage directive standard EN 60065. Degree of protection
  • IP 66 is provided against foreign particles such as dust and jets of water, thus making them ideal for outdoor use.
  • Ideal for Paging Systems... Siren & Alarm Systems... Traffic & Crowd Control by Police... Indoor & Outdoor Applications... Publicity... Parking Lots... High Noise Areas...
Input Power 25W RMS/38W Max.
Power Taps 25/20/15/10/5W
Impedance 400/500/670/ 1k/2k
Frequency Response 250-10,000Hz
SPL at 1kHz 108dB/1W/1m 122dB/25W/1m
Material ABS

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