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Ahuja Sound Solutions PA Column Speakers LSC-8200

  • High power, 2 way line array column speaker is designed to limit vertical dispersion and focus directivity at the target listening area. It is a linear source made with 8 nos 4" speakers and 2 nos piezo tweeters mounted in close proximity. Ideal for long throw in places like auditoria, schools, churches, malls, parking areas, and other locations where distant reach is required, or the background noise level is high. The characteristic directivity of the long column should reduce floor and ceiling originating reflections, limit feedback, and enhance sound clarity in reverberant spaces and difficult acoustic environments.
  • The high power rating of 200 watts enables highly audible and intelligible speech over long distances. The high quality speakers and 2 way design enables a wide frequency spectrum, and make this column also ideal for music. Can be used on its own or with a subwoofer for high end music programmes.
  • The housing is made from a strong extruded aluminium section, combining fashionable good looks with strength and robustness. A sturdy wall mount bracket is supplied along with, allowing the column to be tilted at various angles.
  • Height 1260mm (1.26 Meters)
PA Column Speakers
Configuration Two Way
Frequency Response 100-20,000Hz
Input Power 200W RMS
Nominal Impedance 8
Speakers Woofer 8×101.6mm (4"), Tweeter 2×85mm Square Piezo Tweeter
SPL at (1W/1m) 95dB

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