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Sounders and Siren with Flasher Red AD ES F1

Sounders and Siren with Flasher Red AD ES F1
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Brand: Agni
Product Code: AD ES F1
  • The addressable Vantage Combi is based on our well proven Vantage horn sounder but features an additional built-in flashing beacon that flashes once a second in evacuate or alert mode. Its features include:-
  • Straightforward DIL switch addressing
  • Attractive low profile design
  • Excellent lateral sound distribution
  • Three Evacuate tones (continuous, warble or sweep) and one Alert tone
  • High ( @ 1m) and low (94dB @ 1m) volume settings
  • A BS5839 Part 1 2002 Clause 12.2.2 compliant locking facility
  • A ‘quick-fit’ bayonet fixing arrangement
  • Master or ‘shadow ’ mode operation
  • A group addressing facility
  • IP43 rated shallow and IP65 rated deep base versions available.
  • Sounders and Siren with Flasher White + Red AD ES F2.
  • PDF File

Available : Leave factory 1/2 weeks from receipt of order

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